Energy Services

Energy Services

8-100 MW Systems

With IMG Energy Solutions, you'll experience an elevated level of care from our energy services team, including O&M, construction management, health and safety procedure, training, and more. As a power assets owner, we think like an owner, and therefore have an unmatched level of understanding for optimizing your assets, both operationally and financially, through the entire lifecycle of your project.

Our expertise can support customers with assets such as:

  • Natural gas reciprocating engine plants
  • Utility-scale solar
  • Behind-the-meter solar
  • Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

IMG’s services include:

  • Construction Management
    • Site selection, permitting and construction
    • Plant startup ​and commissioning support
  • HS&E Procedure Services
    • Compliance and regulatory services
    • Safety procedure writing
    • Procedure review and consulting
  • Operations & Maintenance
    • On-site or remote capabilities with plant start/stop and dispatch
    • Routine maintenance including outage scheduling and execution
    • Corrective and preventative maintenance
    • Staff management, including third party oversight
    • Operating and maintenance procedure development
    • 24/7 operational support
  • Training
    • Staff management and operator training​
  • Asset Management & Plant Optimization
    • Due diligence of assets prior to acquisition​
    • Data collection, trend analysis and plant optimization
    • Recommended technology integration

Flexible energy services to fit your needs

Because every energy project has its own specific needs and requisite level of support. IMG collaborates with each customer to create a flexible partnership that pulls together a combination of services to create an effective plan that best supports the customer and its overall plant operations.

Unparalleled Experience

Our customers operationally and financially benefit from the experience and unique 'owner-minded' perspective of our Energy Services team.