Flexible Wholesale Power

Near-Instant Wholesale Power

PJM Markets

IMG Energy Solutions develops, constructs and operates environmentally-friendly, distributed power generation assets located near natural gas production delivering flexible, near-instantaneous wholesale power to our local PJM market areas.

Built using similar size, capacity and technology allows for economies of scale and operating efficiencies in construction, operations and maintenance costs. Our power generation plants:

  • Generate nominally 20MW of electricity at full capacity, enough to provide power to approximately 13,000 local homes
  • Utilize ultra efficient engines (47 – 48.5% simple cycle efficiencies) and compact SCR/oxidation catalyst emissions controls to reduce NOX, CO, VOC and HCOH emissions by over 95%
  • Provide on demand and flexible power with the ability to reach full output in <5 minutes
  • Complement and integrate with renewable asset infrastructures
  • Are low impact to local surroundings with small footprint (less than 2 acres), minimal lighting and zero water consumption required for operations
  • Incorporate advanced noise mitigation technology

Built to be responsive

Our plants' main purpose is to provide grid stability and reliability...instantly. The combination of reactive and base load generation capability helps to fill any void between low capacity batteries, intermittent renewable energy and slow start base load generation.

Strategically located near fuel supply for increased supply chain efficiencies and reduced emissions

Every plant is built near gas production to shorten the gas supply chain process, significantly reducing costs for gas transportation, processing, compression and storage. The reduction of these components eliminates up to 13% in lost gas supply throughout the supply chain, ultimately reducing CO2 and methane emissions.

Environmentally Responsible

Through our environmental-stewardship, we design and build our plants to safely utilize abundant local resources to provide reliable power to our customers while working to protect our environment.