On-site Power Generation Solutions

Flexible & Scalable

8-100 MW Systems

By combining our power plant experience as both an owner and operator, and through collaboration efforts with critical infrastructure customers, we build unique, fit-for-purpose, on-site generation to deliver reliable and flexible power that minimizes variable energy costs and de-risks your power supply.

  • Modular and scalable plant designs, giving our customers the ability to easily and cost effectively expand, as needed
  • Ability to easily integrate clean natural gas power with renewable energy sources
  • Environmentally friendly with low emissions, no water consumption, low noise and minimal footprint
  • Natural gas power generation close to gas sources, avoiding gas transportation costs

Flexible power arrangements

Every project has its own set of unique financial requirements and project economics. That’s why we offer flexible options around owner/operator setup, PPA agreements, and other solutions that deliver reliable, low cost power while aligning with your project parameters.

Leveraging our experience for project turnaround

As an owner and operator of distributed generation plants, we have a unique understanding and in-depth experience on the entire process from development and permitting through construction and asset management. Using our technical and commercial expertise, we have developed a proprietary power development process that results in a short project timeframe from construction through installation.

De-Risk Power Supply

On-site power generation for your critical infrastructure delivers reliable power and eliminates energy cost variability.