Oxbow Creek

Oxbow Creek

Oxbow Creek is an example of IMG’s 3rd generation natural gas power plant design. Oxbow Creek provides the PJM power market with clean, flexible power supply to support energy demand in eastern Pennsylvania.

In addition to serving the power grid, our natural gas-fired power plant designs are a great solution for a variety of commercial and industrial on-site power needs. Our systems provide a source of reliable and independent energy that can be more cost-effective than many alternatives.

Clean, Flexible Power

  • Start-up – less than 5 minutes
  • Ability to load follow
  • 65% reduction in CO2 vs. coal
  • 95% of NOx emissions removed

Robust Design

  • Standard, repeatable, proven
  • Easily scalable/expandable

Siting Advantages

  • Located directly next to power infrastructure
  • 20MW power plant on one acre

Simplified Construction

  • Onsite construction – <4 months
  • Kick-off to operations – <12 months