Formed in 2011 and headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, IMG’s focus is to offer a distributed portfolio of highly efficient, reliable, natural gas-fired power generation assets along with a swiftly growing portfolio of solar energy projects. As the owner/operator of this portfolio of energy assets, IMG generates strong owner returns through a combination of wholesale energy margins, capacity payments and ancillary services that benefit the PJM ISO.

When it comes to power projects...


IMG is developing a significant portfolio of solar energy projects across the PJM region. We seek to construct, own, and operate both utility-scale and behind-the-meter solar assets for the benefits of a variety of customers. For over a century Pennsylvania has led the world in materials innovation, engineering feats, and energy supply.

Now, our region’s institutions are leading the way by setting ambitious clean energy goals for the 21st Century. IMG’s vision is to provide cost-effective green energy to local businesses and institutions to help them meet these goals with locally-owned, locally-designed, and locally-operated solar assets.

We are an energy solutions company. IMG services its customers by providing fully integrated capabilities across development, construction management, operations and maintenance, financing, and commercial asset management. Our unique attribute is that we do not just say we act like an owner; we say it with conviction because we are an owner.

IMG leverages our team talent, processes and experience to provide unparalleled third-party services across our portfolio of capabilities. We look forward to helping you, our future and current customers, solve your energy needs.


IMG Energy Solutions addresses the evolving needs of our business partners for reliable, innovative and environmentally-conscious energy solutions.


An affiliate of Tenaska has acquired six 21-megawatt natural gas generation facilities in Northeast Pennsylvania from IMG Energy Solutions. The acquisition comes at a time when PJM, the regional transmission organization responsible for coordinating the movement of wholesale electricity in all or parts of 13 states and the District of Columbia, has concerns about the ability to meet forecasted power demands.

Each of the six plants uses proven gas reciprocating engine technology provided by top-tier OEMs with significant advantages across start time, efficiency (including zero water usage), and reliability relative to other power generators. The plants were thoughtfully planned and have been well-maintained by a seasoned leadership team with more than 140 years of collective development and operations experience.

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